where you are at: Portraits of your life right now

Better, faster, stronger. That’s how it sometimes feels you need to be. Clamour, hustle, tout.

I recently saw a social media post by a marketing firm talking about how each person has two people - the one they are, and the one they want to be. They then went on to say how cool it was that they knew this fact, and that’s why they’re so good at marketing.

This may be true, but it left me with an odd feeling, like they were missing the potentially creepy side of that. I will side with Tim Minchin on this - that to be someone else, you have to stop being the person you are.

The new focus is to clean up. I can see why, but for now sod it – I want your autobiography! Let’s talk about the stuff on your table and why it’s there, and what it means.

Let’s stop and take a moment with that. Celebrate where you’re at right now – and you can clean it up after I go. Nice big breath out.

I noticed something else lately. It’s to do with worlds that disappear.

Sometimes I’m so #distracted that my systems fall down, I forget to back up my photos, that ‘what I’m going to do with my life’ bit of paper gets lost under books, bills and toys. I clean up the same mess every day, spend too much time online, think about all the things I have to do all the time.

How does this play out?

Fast or slow! Follow me here…

Then I realise that my folks are getting older, a memory I thought was 5 years old is 23 years old, that I haven’t spoken to so-and-so since … oh god … and then I see that there are lost worlds I didn’t notice going.

And I think most people are aware but don’t follow through on the risks of being this distracted. Those worlds around them become the past, incrementally.

So I thought of this service. That I take a photo of where you’re at. Right now.

it would be a collaboration as to the kind of images you want - we’d talk it through.

It could be in your house as it is. Your new workshop. Just before you sell the house. You’re spending time with your sister. Where are you at in your business. Did you just move state and want a commemorative portrait? Is it the last day with your dog? Have you fitted out your shed just nice? Did you get a good haircut for once and want to record this moment?

We can take it fast or slow. Fast - candid sessions as you do what you do, captured documentary style.

It could be a portrait that we take it slow with. Nice dark background, with real film, printed out. We could make a photo book. You could give it to your people at Christmas.

You with me, person-you-are-right-now?