About Me

I specialise in business photography, which includes professional headshots, creative portraits and custom stock images for use on websites and social media. 

The majority of my images are taken with natural light and I shoot on location. 

My background is in visual arts - including, but not limited to, photography. I've been shooting since the early '90s and have made short films, had a lot of fun as a music writer and photojournalist, and took a side route through landscape architecture. 

Then I turned left instead of right one day...

This is not a rush-rate kind of operation. My projects have a lead-time, and I have particular times I can shoot.

So, if you have a project, or story idea, or some kind of wacky collaboration, let’s talk! 

So, what do you do, Golovachenko? And, how do you spell that?* 

Currently, I get queries for all sorts of cool stuff! Photos for tourism visitor’s guides, editorial portraits, headshots, website photography – I do find it hard to say no to an interesting project. 

I also cook up personal projects, stories for blogs / journals, art projects… talking about art at the pub… 

* Great name, isn’t it? For years before I met my husband I joked that my first name was interesting, but my last name was a bit boring (Turner). I decided I needed to marry a Russian in order to really be a successful tennis player, or composer. Or you know, a photographer.